Don’t Take My Word For It 

‘Since working with Ewa, my attitude towards my health and confidence in general has completely changed. The exercises that we completed together helped me see what I could really achieve and have actually achieved and continue to do so. Working as an actress self confidence and self image are vital towards success more than in any career. Working with Ewa and Bob Proctor's materials have given me the tools I needed to fully pursue an acting career and succeed in it!



I worked with Bob Proctors information and with Ewa for 6 months and it was tough, as I had a very bad self image, negative thinking and a poverty mindset. Since completing the course I literally have transformed how I see myself, my thinking and financial situation. I completely value my time and self worth. Also my fear of public speaking and not going for what I want in life are no longer there. I've become happy with myself, loving myself and having breakthroughs in confidence. I now love speaking in public, just recently, I delivered a presentation to 200 people, and it felt like 20 people, I was that comfortable. I've multiplied my income and I am attracting the right team members and clients into my business as a result of my thinking and the time I have invested in myself. My mindset is clearly focused on my goals and dreams for a better brighter future’                                 ‘Knowledge & understanding is key’            



Since joining the course with Ewa I have changed within myself, I have discovered how to love me and accept me for who I am. I thought that one of my goals when i got started was to get skinny... But In fact it was to learn to accept myself exactly the way I am. Now that I have I am getting healthy, the love and respect is there no matter what anyone says!! I used to think I was confident - now I KNOW I am! I am more than enough exactly the way I am - since i changed my paradigm (my unconscious habits & behaviours) my world started shifting.. And I am on the ride of my life!! I could not recommend Ewa's services enough! I am still growing everyday and what a journey I am on! If you are unsure - I say do it and think about it later! Life is too short!! We need to live in the now - take control back! Why? Because you are worth it!  ‘         


Mum & Business Owner

Here's Exactly What You'll Get

  • Full day of tools and tips how to become a confident woman, be assertive, love yourself and create the self image you need to achieve whatever you desire professionally and personally!
  • Lots of fun, interactions and practical activities
  • Access to world class material straight from Bob Proctor, one of top success teachers in the world 
  • Coaching, guidance and support from Ewa and her team
  • Connection with like minded women and accountability
  • Access to private Facebook group where you can share your experiences and ask questions after the event
  • Gifts and prizes!
  • And lots of LOVE! :)))

Would you like to join me and become your Number 1???


Looking forward to seeing you on 23rd July! :) If you have any questions about the workshop, email me at

Thank you,

Ewa Pietrzak